Whispers in the Breakroom, Whispers Behind My Back

Successful service providers who venture to open their own salon/spa businesses often underestimate the demands they will be faced with regarding their leadership. The motivation to open their own business can be motived by the desire for financial gain or the critique that they think they can do a better job as an owner.

But then the reality sets in. The financial pressure begins to take its toll….

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I Always Dreamed of Having My Own Salon But Now I Woke Up In A Nightmare!

Most new salon and spa owners struggle with understanding financial numbers and managing team members. Often owners were once successful as a service provider and their success transformed into a dream of owning their salon/spa. This dream can be a compliment to the previous owners who employed them or a criticism that they, the successful service provider, thought they could do it better.

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How Leadership Can Overcome Service Provider Walkouts

Whenever a salon/spa experiences a service provider walkout, it usually comes down to conflicts with leadership styles. Leadership styles vary and should be adaptive to employee and business situations. Bottom line is leadership styles impact employee satisfaction and overall business performance.

Different situations require different forms of leadership for decision-making. Successful leaders understand this fluidity, …..

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How Do I Motivate and Retain My Team?

Motivating and retaining service providers is a daily challenge for many salon/spa owners. Here is a common scenario our clients share with us at Salon Spa Business Coaching:
“I see how my service providers struggle with developing a book of business and my guidance seems to go nowhere.”

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Got Culture? Successful Salons and Spas Have Great Culture. How’s Yours?

The most successful salons and spas have great culture. Culture is often overlooked or ignored by salon/spa owners but it is the most important aspect of this customer service driven industry. It needs to be communicated consistently. Building it and maintaining it is a continual process. Lack of consistency is where many organizations fail and quite frequently, owners don’t know where to begin.

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