Culture is often overlooked or ignored by salon/spa owners but it is the most important aspect of this customer service driven industry. It needs to be communicated consistently. Building it and maintaining it is a continual process. Lack of consistency is where many organizations fail and quite frequently, owners don’t know where to begin in how to implement culture.

Often when service providers dream of opening their own salon/spa, they have doubt; questioning the success they will have because they have worked in environments where the culture was not quite that great. They know something is missing. That something was lacking. But they don’t know what that something is or was that is lacking.

Big corporations get culture. They understand how important it is to attract and keep quality employees. They understand so much in fact, that they hire people whose main job is to implement and support the company’s culture.

Culture is the glue that makes individual employees feel part of a larger overall team and is key to the long-term success of an organization. It’s the socialization internally amongst team members and externally with the clients and public in general. If a company is constantly losing employees, the culture should be examined and the management team should be scrutinized for its role in implementing culture. A company can never expect to have continual growth if the company is always in hiring and training mode which is the indication of a poorly implemented culture.

Culture is a continual process and takes continuous effort. Owners must constantly adjust the communication of culture to their team members to form a mutually exclusive bond they can’t find anywhere else “Hey, I get you!”.  Culture requires patience, introspective thinking and persistence. Owners must regularly analyze and adjust the salon/spa culture to match the service providers and other team members so there is a seamless harmony of agreed actions and goals.

Consistently communicating culture is a day-in, day-out task. Many organizations pick up the baton and carry it for a few days or weeks, but then it is set aside and the effort on maintaining the culture is lost.  Creating a great and lasting culture is the hardest thing to implement in a salon/spa. Let Salon Spa Business Coaching show you how to create great culture in your salon/spa today.

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