“My service providers struggle with developing a book of business and my guidance seems to go nowhere.”

Motivating and retaining service providers is a daily challenge for many salon/spa owners. Here is a common scenario our clients share with us at Salon Spa Business Coaching:

I see how my service providers struggle with developing a book of business and my guidance seems to go nowhere. I talk to my team members respectfully and try to impart my knowledge in a way that I think will help them in having a better understanding of the use of products in the beauty industry, thinking this will help them in developing and maintaining a clientele. But it’s not working. I feel in the beginning the things I share they are receptive to but after a while, things I share just seem to fall on deaf ears. It doesn’t motivate them in anyway and I am at a loss as to how to inspire them. I know what will happen with them. They will eventually go away.

Many people explore a career in the beauty industry, but many do not choose to stay. It is one of the hardest service based industries to be successful in but those who master it reap financial rewards. The first three to six months of any recent graduation is most crucial for a service providers success and longevity in the industry. Within six months, student loan payments will start and if a new grad doesn’t see the potential for success, chances are they will seek employment elsewhere and outside of the industry. Managing their career during these formative months is vital for a salon/spa owner to ensure a return on their hiring investment.

Let’s face it. Most beauty schools do not do a very good job qualifying students or setting them up for success with all the skillsets required once they graduate. This is an industry which requires an outgoing personality, exceptional communication skills and self-motivation to build a success book of business. As owner(s), you provide the environment to grow their business, offering education to expand their skills but most important is you need to provide an environment that allows them to fit in and flourish. Your management style and how your approach managing them is the key to their sense of belonging and overall success.

If you are lucky enough to get a service provider with a book of business, then you are left with questions such as why they left their previous location and how you will retain them long-term. Most salon/spa owners just coast along, thanking their lucky stars they have the benefit of these experienced service providers short term even though financially slim the benefit may be.

Understanding how to motivate and measure your team members and matching their motivations with your vision and goals is key to establishing a harmonious long-term relationship and mastering team member retention.

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