I’d Like to tell you about Tom Conley — my business associate, my mentor, and my friend. I have worked With Tom in his sales capacity at Marshall Salon Services since 1999. Tom has been instrumental to our success. Our business has grown significantly over the years, and much of it is thanks to Tom’s sage advice.

I have found that whenever I was facing a situation where I wasn’t sure where to turn, or what steps I had to take next, one of the first resources that I thought of was Tom Conley. He has been incredibly responsive and always very willing to share his expertise.

I know he will be tremendously successful as a -business coach, and I’m excited for his clients who will benefit from his expertise and friendship.

Sue Kolve-Feehan

Owner, Sue Kolve's Salon & Day Spa

Our Team has been working with Tom for several months now, and we have gained a new sense of direction. A couple of my main concerns were team building, and my leadership skills.

The staff looks forward to Tom’s visits as they know they will be learning more, to grow their business and become more successful. With Toms help our team is now learning to be supportive of each other and to help each other with their goals.

As the owner, I am learning to become more of a leader by making my staff accountable for their actions. This has been huge for me, as my staff is starting to look at me in a different role.

JoAnne Peterman

Owner, Urban Trends SalonSpa

Thank you for meeting with me to discuss my business. I appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule to visit my salon. I appreciate your honesty and your suggestions. I am prepared to make the necessary changes in order to make my business successful.

I look forward to seeing you April 4 to begin the cleansing process. Thank you for believing in me and my salon and giving your service and expertise so that I may succeed.

Teresa Stevens

Mayann’s Salon and Day Spa

It is an honor to provide a recommendation for Mr. Tom Conley for Salon Consulting. As a salon owner for 18 years and working with Mr. Conley for 17 years, his enthusiasm, leadership and guidance has been instrumental in both my professional growth and the growth of my salon.

Mr. Conley’s coaching and mentorship has had an impact on my ability to lead others and the success of my business.

Mr. Conley has been influential in implementing successful salon strategies in our salon, including team building practices, the Five Keys to Success, and financial management. In addition, he has facilitated staff meetings for our salon. His strong people skills and – personable nature allow him to gain confidence and respect from staff. Mr. Conley is very motivating and his positive outlook on life leaves you with admiration for him.

I recognize Mr. Conley for his aspiration to facilitate Salon Professionals in. growing their business. I am very confident in his capabilities, familiarity, and eagerness in expanding any Organization. It is a true pleasure knowing and working with him. .I. recommend Mr. Conley most highly, without any hesitation.

Robin Mathews

Owner, The Hair Doctors, LLC - Richland Center, WI

As the owner of Morgan Christopher Salon & Spa, I am proud to write this letter of recommendation in regards to Tom Conley and his consulting company, Salon Business Coaching. I have had experience with other consulting companies over the past several years and know the frustrations that can arise.

Tom is acutely aware of the industry and the needs of salon owners and staff. I have been amazed at the attention Tom is able to command from all ages and forms of service providers. His coaching knowledge of retail importance exceeds any previous help we have hired in the past. As most of us know, there is no profit without retail.

Tom’s past life experience gives young and old alike the faith to rise above any obstacles. Time is well spent with each service provider and owner uniting the team to achieve communication skills that can only result in success.

There is no doubt in my mind; Salon Business Coaching is well worth the time and money invested.

Christy Christopher

Morgan Christopher Salon & Spa

When we brought you into the salon as our business coach we weren’t sure what that would entail.

Your meetings with my partner Christy and I, along with the full staff meetings gave us all insight into what the ‘new salon’ era has in store for us. Your six step approach to success gave us all the tools to compete in the highly competitive salon market

Your honest assessment of our personal situation brought clarity to our future path and also, your encouragement gave us the strength to deal with our challenges. Literally we needed someone to tell us what to do with-our salon. You did that, and you continue to be our resource even now.

We wish you continued success on your own path and offer our assistance should you ever need us. Thank you for giving us this opportunity to properly thank you.

Kathy Fearn

Entourage Hair Fashioners, Inc. - Barrington, IL

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