“There is something going on with my team but I don’t know how to address it.”

Successful service providers who venture to open their own salon/spa businesses often underestimate the demands they will be faced with regarding their leadership. The motivation to open their own business can be motived by the desire for financial gain or the critique that they think they can do a better job as an owner.

During the early days of the new business venture, new owners are still riding on a wave of euphoria that once what was a dream has become a reality. They may even have hired their co-workers who were also their good friends from the previous salon/spa they were employed. And it is so much fun to have them involved in making salon/spa decisions such as product lines carried and interior decorating.

But then the reality sets in. The financial pressure begins to take its toll and the once fantastic co-worker relationships begin to sour. The owner has difficulty falling asleep with nagging nightly worries about the finances. And then they wake up, worried about how to manage the friends they hired and making them accountable for their role in the overall success of the wonderful environment they created for them to work in. During the day, they spend their time, trying to find ways to cut the unnecessary spending out of the budget. The front desk staff is targeted first for being a cost center to be eliminated when the value of their role is not realized.

The owner picks up on the whispers behind their backs and the abruptly ended conversations when they enter the break room. They know something is going on but do not know how to go about addressing the issues. Even the clientele can pick up on the vibe that there are issues in the salon/spa and especially know when the front desk team is eliminated that something is going on. Knowing and observing all this, some clients may even start to consider taking their business elsewhere.

Owner-leadership was not taught in beauty school. It is a hard skillset to learn and put in place especially if you have no knowledge nor have experienced ownership trials and tribulations prior to opening your own salon/spa. Our seasoned coaches have experienced similar trials and tribulations.

Let Salon Spa Business Coaching show you how to prioritize your business needs and align your team member needs to match your business goals. We can help you transform your individual service providers into a team focused on achieving group goals which ultimately improves your business profitability.

Ask about our complimentary two-hour team-building session, a $325 value, that will begin to put in place your roadmap for leadership success.

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